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What is Silicon Dioxide, and What Does It Do? »

The next time you open a box, package, or a medicine bottle, there’s a chance you may find a tiny silica packet inside.  We’re here to advise you against what you’ve probably been doing all along – throwing them away.  Instead, we suggest you save them for some very practical reasons. Inside those little packets? […]

The Benefits of a Heat Pump Water Heater »

One of the “new kids in town” among water heaters is the heat pump water heater, also known as a hybrid system. That is because they use electricity to draw heat from the ambient air around it to heat your water, much like an air conditioning system in reverse. Still sound like an electric water […]

Simple & Affordable Home Decorating Tips »

Perhaps you’ve tried all the latest decorating ideas, painted, rearranged, and even acquired new pieces but – somehow, some way – the room still doesn’t look right.  And not the way you imagined it would. Well, the solution could be a lot simpler than you think, and here are just a few possibilities: Poor lighting: […]

4 Ways Your Sewage Line Can Get Damaged »

A damaged sewage line can lead you to face irreversible consequences—know the dos and don’ts! You know your drain is full to the brim, when a “gulping” sound starts emanating from your drains. Then, you know you’re destined to a whole lot of uncanny and disgusting items exuding out. It’s like a nightmare that everyone […]

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4 Things That Will Clog Your Drains »

Remember that anything that fits down the drain can probably clog it too! As gross as they are to look at, clogged drains are even nastier to unclog and is one of the most common plumbing problems that you’ll come across.

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Emergency! Everything You Need to Know About Gas Leaks »

Don’t panic! Keep yourself well-informed and do not react impulsively to an emergency situation. Gas leaks can prove to be lethal due to their highly destructive nature.  Hence, it is absolutely necessary for you to know when there is a gas leak, so that you can take control of the situation.

What to Do About Water in Your Basement »

Homeowners often find more water in their basements in winter due to melting snow and ice, or freezing pipes leaking. And while there’s plenty you can do to prevent such occurrences, sometimes things go wrong no matter how well you’ve prepared.  Are you in the middle of such a watery mess?  Then here are some […]