Common Signs of Identifying Hidden Leaks in Your Homes

Imagine Montgomery County drowning under 300 feet of water, not from rising sea levels or even flooding but from the water lost from leaky pipes! Now imagine the same happening to your home, all the furniture and floor furnishing ruined.

Common Signs of Identifying Hidden Leaks in Your Homes

Of course, this won’t happen but even a little water will ruin your expensive furniture and floor furnishings. How to prevent it?

Identification of Small Hidden Leaks in Your Homes

Think you have got what it takes to discover hidden leaks in your home? Fixing the root cause of hidden leaks will save a lot of lost water and attached costs. However, locating hidden leaks is difficult considering complexity of a house’s plumbing system!

Following are some signs that can give an indication of a hidden leak in your home:

Blistered or Peeling Walls

Water accumulated inside walls, as a result of a hidden leak, can cause the wallpaper (and paint) to peel off, bubble or blister. This sign also indicates the leak had been slowly growing worse overtime, finally showing itself through the wall.

Damaged Flooring

You won’t see any water leak damage on a bathroom floor unless the water stands for a long time. However, another way to discerning a water leak in your bathroom (or another part of the house) is damaged flooring tiles.

Staining, cracking, or buckling for no reason are some signs of hidden water beneath the flooring. Chances are the water must have traveled from another area or is there due to an underneath pipe.

Damp and Musty Odor

Do you smell a disgusting and musty odor emanating from your home’s very floorboards and walls? This lingering odor signifies water is standing somewhere in the house.

How will this be rectified? Thorough kitchen and bathroom cleaning is recommended, especially under the sink. Keep your eyes peel for moisture!

You have a hidden water leak in your home if the lingering odor returns soon after doing this.

Constant Running Water Meter

Have a look at your water meter (installed in most houses) to see if there is a hidden water leak. Before checking, shut off all main and secondary water controlling valves in your home.

Choose a time when no one in your family will be using water, mark the indicator and come back an hour later.

The water meter indicator should be at the same level. There is a hidden water leak in your home if it has moved.

DIY plumbing will always take more from out of your wallet, while doing a less than acceptable job.

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