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The Benefits of a Gas Clothes Dryer »

Even if you have a gas water heater, chances are you have an electric clothes dryer. And that begs the question: are you missing out by not switching to a gas clothes dryer, too? The truth is, plenty of people aren’t even aware of gas clothes dryers. Even among those who are, many or on […]

5 Easy Ways to Conserve Water »

Water conservation isn’t just about saving the planet and ensuring there’s plenty of potable water for future generations. It’s about saving you money, too, and in ways maybe you haven’t ever considered. Nationally, for example, water bills have risen more than 33% since 2010, and nearly 14% of your average water bill is attributed running […]

How to Stop a Leaking Pipe »

A leaking water pipe is much more than an annoyance. If left unchecked, it can cause considerable damage to your home, not to mention a great deal of wasted water. And while you most likely need professional help to repair or replace the pipe, there are several things you can do on your own to […]

Basic Home Plumbing Tips »

If you’re “not so much” the handy type, at least where plumbing is concerned, this blog is for you. New or established, there are just certain things you’ll do well to know to help prevent problems from occurring, or at least from getting any worse.  So, let’s give it a whirl: Shutting off your water […]

Plumbing Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore »

Not all plumbing problems require you to call up the Coast Guard, or whatever your first instinct might be when a problem arises at home that involves water. Some simply aren’t as pressing as others, and may not even require the care of a professional plumber. But, for all those problems that do require an […]

Tips for Safe Snow Removal »

Winter may have its finer points, but they’re often misplaced when it’s time to remove snow from driveways, sidewalks, and even rooftops.  That’s when winter is more about sore muscles, achy backs, and frostbitten toes. Even if you’re lucky enough to own a snow blower, plowing through a foot (or more!) of heavy, packed snow […]

How to Stop Water Leaks in Their Tracks »

Most of us don’t worry about home water leaks from cracked or broken pipes. Goodness knows you have enough on your plate already. Still, what if you were to come home one day only to find your basement or bathroom flooded? Not because of incoming water from a rainstorm, but rather from water leaking from […]

What You Need to Know About Your Home »

You can probably know your home’s square footage, the approximate size of each room, and the best restaurants within a 2-mile radius.  But do you know your town’s policy regarding signage or your exact property line? If not, you’re not alone since, often, it’s an issue that rarely if ever arises.  Still, the more you […]

My Dishwasher Isn’t Draining! »

We ask a lot of sink drains and dishwashers. We put stuff in or down them, and just expect they’ll know what to do with it. You know, like it’s a job they’re trained for and by now should have down pat. You see, no matter how much you may try not to, sometimes you […]

How to Locate a Hidden Water Leak. »

Leaky faucets and shower heads are easy to spot and fix. But what about hidden water leaks…the kind that can cause serious damage?  These are among the most common: Refrigerator – If you have a built-in icemaker, wet spots on the floor might indicate a crimped icemaker line…one that’s just waiting to burst. Also, the […]