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How to Drain Your Water Heater, and Why! »

Minerals such as manganese and calcium are naturally incurring ingredients inside your city or well water supply. And, in the right amounts, they’re good for you, just as many other vitamin and mineral supplements are. But you’ve heard of too much of a good thing, of course. Well, that applies to calcium and manganese, too, […]

How to Reduce Your Water Heating Costs »

How much do you spend to provide for your family’s hot water needs? About 18% of your total annual energy costs. So what does a family do when every dollar counts? You start looking for ways to cut back, of course. In keeping with that goal, here are several ways to bring about sizeable reductions […]

Summer Home Improvement Projects »

We may not get the winters here in Maryland that a place like New England gets pounded with, but it still gets plenty cold and with plenty of snow. As a result, most of us can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive and rue the day winter finally hits. What you don’t want to […]

The Health Benefits of a Steam Shower »

Some bathroom remodels essentially turn out to be more of the same. Nicer and more contemporary, to be sure, but you still have what you had before: tub and/or shower, toilet, sink with vanity, and so on. Well, this time around, how about something a little different and a lot more luxurious. Not the way […]

How Much Iron is Too Much in Your Drinking Water? »

Iron is a positive ingredient in your water supply and, for many, an invaluable dietary supplement. But too much of a good thing is, well, not a good thing. In fact, an excess of iron in your drinking water can cause abdominal and bowel problems. If you’re experiencing those right now, are they attributable to […]

Common Water Heater Repair Signs »

Even if you’re new to the experience of owning a home, chances are you’ve already dealt with a plumbing “issue” or two.  You know, like a leaking faucet, clogged drain or toilet, broken garbage disposal, and so on. Well, in our experience here at Your 1 Plumber, there are two primary types of home owners: […]

What’s the Best Temperature Setting for Your Water Heater? »

Could you adjust the temperature setting of your water heater? It doesn’t take much skill at all, and yet it’s a task that many home owners have yet to master. Why would you even want to? For a couple of good reasons. First, when tots become tykes and getting into mischief takes on a whole […]

How to Deodorize Your Kitchen Drains »

It’s hard to use a kitchen drain and keep it odor free for very long. Odors just seem to happen, you sniff around, and then you realize the source. What exactly is causing that odor? Most likely it stems from rotting food inside your drain or garbage disposal – food that’s gotten stuck to grease […]

What Could You Do with More Outside Faucets? »

Outside faucets, also known as hose bibs, are standard issue for most Baltimore area homes. But are yours exactly where you would place them if you had it to do over again? Do you have enough of them for the things you enjoy or need to do outdoors? The fact is, you can have outside […]

How to Enjoy More Relaxing Baths »

There are two kinds of people in the world.  Bath people, and shower people, and very rarely the twain shall meet. If you lean toward taking showers, maybe it’s not so much because you hate taking a bath.  Maybe you just don’t make time for them.  Or, more it’s an ambience thing. As in, something […]