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Benefits of Regular Drain Maintenance »

Read to know the benefits of regular drain maintenance.

Infographic- Five Food Items That Should Not Go Down The Drain »

Five food items that should not be drained down the sink. Pasta Pasta have the tendency to observe water and swell. This could block the drainage system. Rice Rice also cause sewage clogging. Egg Shells These contribute to granular waste and attract waste particles.

How to Plunge Your Kitchen Sink »

Kitchen sinks blog. Which is no more profound than saying architects design buildings or street cleaners clean streets. It’s just what they do. So that begs the question: if your kitchen sink were to clog up today, what exactly would you do go break it up? Try to reach down and yank out the culprit? […]

How to Deodorize Your Kitchen Drains »

It’s hard to use a kitchen drain and keep it odor free for very long. Odors just seem to happen, you sniff around, and then you realize the source. What exactly is causing that odor? Most likely it stems from rotting food inside your drain or garbage disposal – food that’s gotten stuck to grease […]

DIY Drain Cleaning »

Mistakes to avoid.

How to Get Rid of Mold Inside Your Toilet Bowl. »

“Honey, I’d love to go out to dinner Saturday night, but I was really counting on staying home and cleaning the bathroom.  Do you mind terribly?” Now there’s a conversation that’s probably NEVER taken place in your household, and probably never will.  Why?  Because we clean our bathrooms when we have to, and not for […]

How to Make Your Own Drain Cleaning Solution »

Whether you find yourself standing in a bathtub ankle deep in water or in front of a kitchen sink full of murky dish water, one thing’s for certain – there’s never a good time to deal with a clogged drain. But before you rush out to the hardware store for a bottle of costly, corrosive, […]