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A damaged sewage line can lead you to face irreversible consequences—know the dos and don’ts! You know your drain is full to the brim, when a “gulping” sound starts emanating from your drains. Then, you know you’re destined to a whole lot of uncanny and disgusting items exuding out. It’s like a nightmare that everyone […]

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Remember that anything that fits down the drain can probably clog it too! As gross as they are to look at, clogged drains are even nastier to unclog and is one of the most common plumbing problems that you’ll come across.

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Don’t panic! Keep yourself well-informed and do not react impulsively to an emergency situation. Gas leaks can prove to be lethal due to their highly destructive nature.  Hence, it is absolutely necessary for you to know when there is a gas leak, so that you can take control of the situation.

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There are certain tropes and concepts that almost all horror movies seem to adopt. The basement is an overused site of paranormal activity in numerous horror flicks, such as the Conjuring 2; where it is depicted as a flooded epicenter of unnatural events.

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The modern digital era has ushered in the concept of information and photographic leaks. While people frantically try to plug these problems, perhaps the oldest kind of ‘leak’ continues to plague our society.