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Easy Short Steps For Removing And Preventing Limescale »

Limscale is a form of calcium carbonate that leaves behind a chalky white film on fixtures such as faucets and appliances such as kettles.

5 Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems »

Dangers of Backflow Plumbing »

Backflow is a term used in the plumbing industry that is used to describe situations when an unwanted flow of water starts flowing in the wrong direction.

The Health Benefits of a Steam Shower »

Some bathroom remodels essentially turn out to be more of the same. Nicer and more contemporary, to be sure, but you still have what you had before: tub and/or shower, toilet, sink with vanity, and so on. Well, this time around, how about something a little different and a lot more luxurious. Not the way […]

What Could You Do with More Outside Faucets? »

Outside faucets, also known as hose bibs, are standard issue for most Baltimore area homes. But are yours exactly where you would place them if you had it to do over again? Do you have enough of them for the things you enjoy or need to do outdoors? The fact is, you can have outside […]

How to Enjoy More Relaxing Baths »

There are two kinds of people in the world.  Bath people, and shower people, and very rarely the twain shall meet. If you lean toward taking showers, maybe it’s not so much because you hate taking a bath.  Maybe you just don’t make time for them.  Or, more it’s an ambience thing. As in, something […]

5 Ways You May Be Wasting Water »

Backyard Plumbing Solutions »

When most people think of plumbing, they think of toilets, sinks, and showers – the great majority of which reside indoors. But did you know that plumbing can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your backyard experience, as well? From the practical to the deluxe, here are some backyard plumbing solutions that […]

The Convenience of Having Another Outdoor Faucet »

They go by a few names but, to most people, they’re simply outdoor faucets even though the plumbing-correct name is “hose bibs”. Call them what you will, the facilitate all kinds of outdoor activities too numerous to mention. The question is, how much more convenient would your life be if you had another outdoor faucet […]

Five Things That Will Ruin Your Garbage Disposal »