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How to Drain Your Water Heater, and Why! »

Minerals such as manganese and calcium are naturally incurring ingredients inside your city or well water supply. And, in the right amounts, they’re good for you, just as many other vitamin and mineral supplements are. But you’ve heard of too much of a good thing, of course. Well, that applies to calcium and manganese, too, […]

How to Reduce Your Water Heating Costs »

How much do you spend to provide for your family’s hot water needs? About 18% of your total annual energy costs. So what does a family do when every dollar counts? You start looking for ways to cut back, of course. In keeping with that goal, here are several ways to bring about sizeable reductions […]

Common Water Heater Repair Signs »

Even if you’re new to the experience of owning a home, chances are you’ve already dealt with a plumbing “issue” or two.  You know, like a leaking faucet, clogged drain or toilet, broken garbage disposal, and so on. Well, in our experience here at Your 1 Plumber, there are two primary types of home owners: […]

What’s the Best Temperature Setting for Your Water Heater? »

Could you adjust the temperature setting of your water heater? It doesn’t take much skill at all, and yet it’s a task that many home owners have yet to master. Why would you even want to? For a couple of good reasons. First, when tots become tykes and getting into mischief takes on a whole […]

How to Get Your Hot Water Faster »

If you could write a symphony in the time it takes for your water to heat up, clearly you’re waiting. The good news is, you don’t have to. Nor do you have to replace your water heater to speed things up. Instead, you can start enjoying hot water in an instant with a new water […]

How Often Should I Drain My Water Heater? »

You know why water heater storage tanks are made to be drained? Because they need to be periodically to remove any build-up of mineral deposits that could erode the inside of the tank and thus shorten its lifespan. So that begs the question: just how often should your drain your water heater storage tank, or […]

Conserve Energy with a Tankless Water Heater »

Once upon a time, people on the go were suddenly faced with an option they couldn’t even have imagined:  instead of replacing one horse and buggy for another of each, they could now go more places and get their faster with an automobile. Just for the record, the Model T made its debut in 1908 […]

The Benefits of a Heat Pump Water Heater »

One of the “new kids in town” among water heaters is the heat pump water heater, also known as a hybrid system. That is because they use electricity to draw heat from the ambient air around it to heat your water, much like an air conditioning system in reverse. Still sound like an electric water […]

“What’s Wrong with My Water Heater?” »

“What’s Wrong with My Water Heater?”  More people replace their water heaters during the winter months than any other time of the year.  We can’t completely explain why, but it’s true with our company and other plumbing companies around the US we associate with. Whatever the reason for this phenomenon, the impetus to replace a […]

Gas Water Heater Repair Symptoms »

You certainly don’t need any training as a plumber to know that there’s a problem with your water heater.  If the water turns cold half way through your shower, or doesn’t turn hot at all, you have a problem.  Especially if gangs of people haven’t taken a shower just before you, and there’s no other […]