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What to Do if Your Dishwasher Isn’t Draining »

Looking to win a party bet?  Here’s a good one:  the next time you’re with a group of people, bet someone that they can’t tell you exactly how many drains they have in their home. Almost every time, they’ll take the bet and then add up all their sinks, toilets, and maybe even their washing […]

How to Wash & Dry Your Pillows »

Under your pretty pillow cases there is often lurking a yellow, dingy pillow that could scare the daylights out of a ghost on Halloween. Yes, they can look that bad from all the oils from your skin, sweat, and maybe even a bit of drool. But now you can brighten up your pillows and save […]

How to Make Doing Laundry Fun for Your Kids »

Teaching your children to do the laundry is a life skill that they are almost never too young to learn! Not only will it help them learn and practice responsible behavior, but who doesn’t need an extra helping hand or two around the house?!  Follow these simple steps and, before you know it, your kids […]

How to Reduce Trash in Your Home »

Reducing the amount of trash that gets thrown out is both good for the environment and your wallet. But where to start? Here are a few tips and suggestions to help you decrease the amount of garbage you generate each week while saving some money in the process: Composting: This is one of the best […]

What is Silicon Dioxide, and What Does It Do? »

The next time you open a box, package, or a medicine bottle, there’s a chance you may find a tiny silica packet inside.  We’re here to advise you against what you’ve probably been doing all along – throwing them away.  Instead, we suggest you save them for some very practical reasons. Inside those little packets? […]

Simple & Affordable Home Decorating Tips »

Perhaps you’ve tried all the latest decorating ideas, painted, rearranged, and even acquired new pieces but – somehow, some way – the room still doesn’t look right.  And not the way you imagined it would. Well, the solution could be a lot simpler than you think, and here are just a few possibilities: Poor lighting: […]

What to Do About Water in Your Basement »

Homeowners often find more water in their basements in winter due to melting snow and ice, or freezing pipes leaking. And while there’s plenty you can do to prevent such occurrences, sometimes things go wrong no matter how well you’ve prepared.  Are you in the middle of such a watery mess?  Then here are some […]

How to Make House Cleaning Fun for Your Kids »

There are lots of ways to encourage your children to have good clean-up behavior, and the best way is to inject some fun into the process.  Remember:  grown-ups, by and large, don’t think much of house cleaning either, but when you make it a community project you can all talk, laugh, and make progress together. […]

Creative Ideas for Redecorating Your Home »

Once the holidays are behind us, most peoples’ thoughts leap ahead to spring.  And with spring comes renewal in any number of forms, including updating the look and feel of your house.  If that bug has bitten you but you have yet to feel the spark of creativity, allow us to suggest a few out-of-the […]

The Problem with a Leaking Refrigerator »

If your refrigerator is determined to spring a leak, at least it can do the decent thing and deposit the water in front of itself where you can’t possibly miss it.  Then you can take immediate action and get it fixed before any real damage is done. But then there’s the sneaky kind – the […]