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How to Conserve Water in the Kitchen »

Water conservation is a never-ending topic of discussion, precisely because so much continues to be wasted. So, rather than addressing the problem from a global perspective, we thought the “baby steps” approach might be more appropriate for this article. First, a couple of facts just to properly set the stage. The average American family of […]

Domestic Gas Pipe Leakage »

How You Benefit from More Water-Saving Fixtures »

Back in the day, Neil Armstrong said it best: “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The occasion? His moon walk in 1969, the first ever for a human. Never before or since has there been a clearer example of “you have to start somewhere.” That no matter what the ultimate goal […]

Tips For Reducing Water Bills »

An average American household spends around $500/ year on water bills. However, with proper care an approximate amount of $170 can be saved on an annual basis. While for some this may seem fairly insignificant, it is still an extra that can be saved and utilized for another purpose. Abnormally high water bills can be […]

How to Celebrate Earth Day in Dulles and Loudon County »

On April 22, 1970, 20 million Americans came together across the United States with one common goal: to raise consciousness about environmental issues. While separate groups fought for their own environmental causes – like oil spills and toxic dumps, or pollution and pesticides – it wasn’t until the first official Earth Day that all environmental […]

Green Plumbing Practices in Alexandria, VA »

No one has a corner on green living.  Some may practice it more than others, but the responsibility is a shared one. As a company that offers and emphasizes green plumbing for our many customers throughout the area, we feel that gives us an even greater responsibility to practice what we preach.  Especially when you […]

How to Celebrate World Environment Day in Oakton & Fairfax County, VA »

June 5th is World Environment Day (WED), a day of environmental action and awareness run by the United Nations Environmental Programme since 1972. While the theme changes yearly, the core message remains constant: to empower people to make changes in their communities that have a positive impact on the planet. This year, the focus is […]

15 Common Uses for Lemons in Germantown & Montgomery County »

When life gives you lemons, you can do so much more with them than just make lemonade! Yes, a squirt of lemon juice gives a citrusy burst of flavor to a meal, turns boring water into a refreshing beverage, while a bowl of lemons becomes an instant centerpiece on your counter or table. But did […]

Which Uses Less Water: A Shower or a Bath? Green Plumbing Advice for Germantown & Montgomery County. »

When it comes to conserving water in Germantown and Montgomery County, which is the better choice: a shower or bath? Well, let’s see. The average bath uses between 30 to 50 gallons of water. By comparison, if you have an older style showerhead, it may be pumping out more than 5 gallons of water per […]

How to Conserve Water at Home in Germantown »

The U.S. has the highest per capita water use on the planet.  And yet, we’re years behind other countries, especially Australia and those in Europe, in energy and water conservation. So here are some simple and effective water saving tips from the green plumbing professionals at Your 1 Plumber: Take care of leaky faucets and […]