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What To Do When The Main Water Line Goes Bad »

Contrary to popular belief, the plumbing systems present in our homes are not meant to last forever. Every fixture—from faucets to the main water line—has to be periodically maintained in order to extend their lifespan, but even then, there comes a point in time when these plumbing fixtures have to be replaced or repaired.

Tips To Remove Stubborn Stains From Your Glass Doors »

Hard water leaves a variety of stains on glass surfaces, especially glass doors present in bathrooms. These stains are incredibly stubborn and will resist normal cleaning products. They have the capacity of ruining the entire aesthetic facet of a bathroom. 

Harmful Bathroom Habits »

Tips To Keep Your Drains Clog Free And Running »

Just like all other things, drains pipes requiring caring. Left unattended, these can get blocked and clogged which in the long-run may end up requiring major repairs. Unfortunately, we don’t pay attention to these because they are ‘out of sight.’ As a result, we end up losing a lot of money that otherwise could have […]

Spring Plumbing Tips »

The winter season is over and spring is finally here. It’s the perfect and smartest time to get all the house plumbing checked and repaired. Here are a few things you should be on the lookout for.