The Convenience of Having Another Outdoor Faucet

They go by a few names but, to most people, they’re simply outdoor faucets even though the plumbing-correct name is “hose bibs”. Call them what you will, the facilitate all kinds of outdoor activities too numerous to mention.

The question is, how much more convenient would your life be if you had another outdoor faucet or two? Well, for starters, you’d probably have no further need to be connecting two or three hoses at a time to reach whatever it is you’re trying to reach with just one outdoor faucet. In that instance, you have multiple leaks to watch out for, and there’s nothing terribly convenient about that.

Here’s another way of looking at the same scenario. How many outdoor tasks do you not even consider undertaking because it’s too difficult to get water there?  Well, think again, because by adding one or more outdoor faucets in strategic locations, suddenly you can enjoy all the pleasures of having a vegetable garden, washing your car yourself for the sheer exercise and feeling of accomplishment, reach all sides of your house so you don’t have to hire a power washer, and so on.

Even better, adding a faucet or two can be easily and more affordable than you think, especially if you have a crawl space or a partially unfinished basement.  But even if you have a downstairs finished bathroom, the professionals at Your 1 Plumber can connect a line to your cold-water vanity sink supply.

If you’re starting to warm up to the idea, contact Your 1 Plumber to learn how quickly and easily we can add more sources of outdoor water to your home for all the added fun and convenience that can bring.

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