Conserve Energy with a Tankless Water Heater

Once upon a time, people on the go were suddenly faced with an option they couldn’t even have imagined:  instead of replacing one horse and buggy for another of each, they could now go more places and get their faster with an automobile. Just for the record, the Model T made its debut in 1908 and retailed for the princely sum of $825.

Well, if your water heater is about to call it quits, or already has, you have an option not quite as profound, but still pretty radical.  Because instead of replacing one storage tank water heater for another, you now have the option of going tankless – with a tankless water heater, that is.

Tankless water heaters were first introduced in the United States around 2006 and caught on very quickly. That’s because they offer several key benefits that just aren’t possible with a storage tank system:

  • Water heated on demand – Your storage tank unit heats water 24/7 so there’s always hot water when you need it. By contrast, a tankless system heats water only when you turn on a hot water faucet or appliance, thus conserving a great deal of energy.
  • Saves space – Water is heated in a tankless system’s heat exchanger, a wall-mounted unit roughly the size of a briefcase.  It can be installed just about anywhere, even in a closet. Plus, once your storage tank system is removed, you’ll have at least a little more storage space.
  • All the hot water you need – Let’s say you bought your last water heater when there were just two people living at home. Then you started having children and, before you knew it, you were a family of five. If your water heater was right-sized just for the two of you, it’s no doubt under-sized for five. Well, with a tankless system, you can have all the hot water you want precisely because there is no storage tank capable of running out.

What’s more, tankless water heaters have an average lifespan of about 20 years – compare that to 8 – 12 for a storage tank system. So, how about it?  Ready to drive in the fast line of home hot water supplies and get yourself a tankless system?  If so, contact Your 1 Plumber for a free in-home hot water analysis and new system quote.

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