What is Silicon Dioxide, and What Does It Do?

The next time you open a box, package, or a medicine bottle, there’s a chance you may find a tiny silica packet inside.  We’re here to advise you against what you’ve probably been doing all along – throwing them away.  Instead, we suggest you save them for some very practical reasons.

Inside those little packets? Silicon dioxide, a harmless mineral used to keep moisture out of the item being stored or shipped. Yes, these packets contain warning labels, but only because they represent a choking hazard.

Here’s how to put silicon dioxide to good use:

Cellphone: The next time you get your cellphone wet, leave the rice in your cabinet and try drying it out with the silica packets. Just fill a zip-lock with two handfuls of packets, add in your cell phone, close and let it sit overnight. The packets will pull the moisture from the phone, and hopefully get everything working properly again.

Condiments: If your salt shaker isn’t shaking, or the oregano, garlic salt, or baking powder is clumping, hardening, or sticking together – just add a silica packet to the container. The spices will be sprinkling effortlessly about one hour later.

Snacks: Before closing a bag of half eaten of chips or cookies, tap a silica packet on the inside of the bag. It will keep the food items crunchier longer and prevent them getting stale.

Gym bag: The point of going to the gym is to get sweaty, but no one wants to have damp clothes in a bag! If you have a damp swim suit, or leave damp socks in the car after the gym while you’re at work, who knows what you’ll find when you return! To keep the moisture of damp clothing away from other items, put them into a large storage bag, add a handful of packets, and you will be very happy you did. Your nose will thank you, too!

Window fog: If your windshield has foggy spots, or places where water droplets collect on the interior of the car, just toss a few silica packets at the bottom of the windshield. The packets will wick away moisture so you can see better without smearing the windshield with your hand or fingers and leaving noticeable prints you’ll later have to clean.

How about too much moisture in your bathroom?  Unfortunately, that’s not a job for silicon dioxide.  But there are plenty of practical ways to dehumidify your bathroom, including wiping down all wet surfaces after you bathe or shower. You also can contact Your 1 Plumber and ask about new, demistable mirror for your bathroom.  They’re fitted with heating pads that keep the surface of the mirror warm, thus preventing condensation from forming.  Then you won’t have to wait another 5 minutes or so to see yourself in the mirror through the steam!

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