Tips for Safe Snow Removal

Winter may have its finer points, but they’re often misplaced when it’s time to remove snow from driveways, sidewalks, and even rooftops.  That’s when winter is more about sore muscles, achy backs, and frostbitten toes.

Even if you’re lucky enough to own a snow blower, plowing through a foot (or more!) of heavy, packed snow is still no easy task.

That’s why we offer you these practical tips to help make any kind of snow removal a little easier and injury-free.

Health first. Snow shoveling is a strenuous activity, so consult your doctor if you have a heart condition, are prone to asthma attacks, or suffer other respiratory issues. If you’re physically not up to the task, enlist the help of a neighbor, family member, or hire a snow removal service.

Prepare ahead of time. Stock up on ice melt, rock salt, or sand for any icy patches beneath the snow. Make sure you have a couple sturdy, light-weight, ergonomically designed shovels, and inspect your snow blower before using it.

Warm up. Before heading out in the snow, do some warm-up exercises to help loosen those muscles, especially if you don’t exercise very often.

Bundle up. Dress in warm, water-proof layers, and keep your head, ears, and hands covered properly. Keep your toes from getting cold with thick wool socks or a couple pairs of regular socks. If your boots or shoes don’t do a great job of keeping your feet dry, put on a pair of socks, cover them with a plastic food storage bag, and add another pair of socks. It may look a little odd, but who cares if it keeps your feet warm and dry?

Shovel frequently. If your area is expecting more than an inch or two, don’t wait until the snow stops falling to clear it. Even the white, fluffy stuff can get packed and heavy.

Take a break. Don’t put more strain on your body than it can handle. Take frequent breaks to prevent back, neck, and muscle injuries and exhaustion.

Lend a helping hand. Check in on your elderly neighbors and family members, and give them a hand if they have no one to clear their driveways or sidewalks.

Of course, the best thing about snow removal is finishing the job and taking a nice hot shower or bath. That, of course, assumes you have enough hot water to make that task possible. If you’re experiencing any kind of water heater problem, contact Your 1 Plumber today so you have even more to look forward to after all the snow has been cleared away.

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