Pipelines 101: Which Pipes Are Best For Your Home?

Pipelines 101 Which Pipes Are Best For Your HomeIf you’re undergoing a reconstruction for your home, it’s time to focus your attention to the most important aspects: the pipes.

During renovations, the thought is more often than not, based on the aesthetics of the house rather than the efficiency of the products being used.

If not paid attention to, it may end up with severe leaks and other plumbing problems. It’s surprising how much plumbing can affect water efficiency.

However, when you’re out in the markets deciding on the items of purchase, your main focus should be directed towards pipes.

However, when you trying to pick out the right one, most plumbers in Silver Spring MD recommend looking into the following factors first:

  • Material of pipe
  • Thickness of pipe
  • How well it maintains the water’s temperature
  • How well it maintains the water’s pressure

However, the first of these is usually the main problem that people tend to face.

Picking out the right one

Surveying the markets for pipes can be quite taxing. It’s important that you consult a professional plumber; however, it’s important to have an idea about the basic pipes used in homes:

Pipe #1: Copper Pipes (Metal)

Copper pipes are actually the most commonly pipes used in homes. It’s not only quite durable but it’s also proven to be safe from leaks. Here are a few more pros that you need to know:

  • Old copper pipes are able to be recycled
  • They are tolerant to heat
  • They have a very long life span
  • They will not pollute drinking water

However, while it might sound too good to be true, you should also know that they are quite expensive and often, in case of older homes, tend of possess lead-based solder. Depending on their sizes, these pipes can be used in interior and the underground for different purposes.

Pipe #2: Galvanized Steel Pipes (Metal)

These are often avoided for use since it has a wide range of negative effects. Because of the presence of lead, it’s often considered toxic and must be avoided. In case you have an old house possessing these pipes, you should consider re-piping the homes for your safety.

Pipe #3: PVC Pipes (Plastic)

Depending on where you’re planning on placing it (mainly in sinks, bathtubs and toilets), it can be quite helpful because:

  • It does not corrode, rust or degrade with time
  • It can handle high pressure of the water
  • It’s quite cheap and easy to work with
  • It’s often used as the main water supply to your home

This is often considered as a good option for homes, however, it also has the tendency to warp if exposed to hot water.

Keeping these in mind, the copper pipes are said to be the best option. However, it’s important to get an expert opinion first. You can contact us  for Kitchen Plumbing Services and all types of plumbing services. We’ll help you address all your plumbing needs at great, affordable prices.

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