How to Wash & Dry Your Pillows

Under your pretty pillow cases there is often lurking a yellow, dingy pillow that could scare the daylights out of a ghost on Halloween. Yes, they can look that bad from all the oils from your skin, sweat, and maybe even a bit of drool.

But now you can brighten up your pillows and save them from the recycling bin.  Here’s how:

Balance: To keep the washing machine balanced it is best to wash pillows two at a time and place them opposite from each other. Once the pillows are wet they get very heavy and can throw even the best machine off kilter during the spin cycle.

Mix it up: The best cleaning solution for dingy yellow pillows is ½ cup each of bleach, borax, laundry detergent, and powered dishwashing soap. All four cleaners working together will get your pillows ultra-white.

De-stinkers: Discoloration is one thing, but what about the odor? For that, add ½ cup of vinegar and use the hot water setting on the washer. This will neutralize existing odors and kill any bacteria living in your pillows.

Drying: You can place most pillows in the dryer with tennis balls or a pair of sneakers to keep the pillows nice and fluffy. Foam pillows or down pillows should be hung and allowed to air dry. You also can leave all types of pillows outside to dry in the sun which will further service to enhance their whiteness while imbuing them with a fresh, clean scent.

Sometimes it’s best to let go: No matter how well kept your pillows might be, most of them are only good for about five years.  How can you tell? Fold it in half – if it springs open it still can effectively support you during sleep.

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