How to Make Doing Laundry Fun for Your Kids

Teaching your children to do the laundry is a life skill that they are almost never too young to learn! Not only will it help them learn and practice responsible behavior, but who doesn’t need an extra helping hand or two around the house?!  Follow these simple steps and, before you know it, your kids will be laundry pros – just like their parents.

Toddlers: Toddlers want to know everything you’re doing as they begin to understand their world and develop language skills. Take them to the washer and dryer with you and talk through the whole process. After watching you several times, they’ll begin to get it.

Preschoolers: These kids LOVE to show off new skills as soon as they acquire them.  Asking them to poor in detergent, or explaining which buttons to push, and more are all very exciting for a preschooler. You also can have them put away their own clothes when you are finished.

School aged: Time for more independence! They can fold anything that’s a rectangle: towels, dish clothes, washcloths, blankets, and sheets. It may take them awhile to fold just one towel, but they will feel accomplished and you will have one less towel to fold!

Tweens (ages 9-12): Time to start adding more details to the process. Explain what different detergents do, what the different settings and temperatures are for, and what functions correspond to the various knobs and buttons. Have them do the whole process with your supervision before letting them do it alone.

Teens: If your teen hasn’t started learning to do their own laundry until now, no worries! You start the whole process from the beginning: let them watch while you talk them through it, have them fold and put the clothes away, and so on.  And yet, even if they’re already seasoned laundry pros, they may still need your help with tricks of the trade for that stubborn stain or unusual fabric!

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