Summer Safety for Your Pets in Arlington & Arlington County, VA

theSummertime means more time spent outdoors enjoying all the warm weather season has to offer. But if you have a furry companion, it’s important to remember that some outdoor summer activities can be dangerous for pets.

So before you take Baxter to that backyard barbeque or Lacy to the lake, read on to learn how to keep your pet happy and safe throughout this and every summer.

  • Keep your pet cool by providing them a shady place to rest when it’s hot outdoors. And remember that animals can get hydrated easily, so provide them with plenty of cool, clean water.
  • Did you know that dogs and cats can get sun burn, too? In fact, skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in dogs, and second most common in cats. Apply a pet safe sunscreen every 4 hours to their least hairy areas, like the belly and ears.
  • While it’s recommended to trim your pet’s coat for the summer, resist the urge to shave them. Their fur acts as a natural barrier against the sun, and can actually help keep them cool. Brush your cat’s fur more frequently to prevent over-heating.
  • Not all dogs are excellent swimmers, so do not leave them near water unattended. Remember to rinse them off after a swim to remove pool chlorine or salt from their coats. And if you take your dog out on a boat, don’t forget a floatation device.
  • Keep your pets safe indoors by keeping unscreened windows closed and making sure that all adjustable window screens are secure.
  • Avoid walking your dog during the hottest time of day, usually between the hours of 1p and 4p. Not only can the hot asphalt burn the delicate pads on their paws, dogs tend to become dehydrated very quickly. So save that stroll for the early morning or evening hours.
  • If you’re traveling without your pet, make sure your pet sitter understands the warning signs and danger or heat stroke and dehydration. And be sure to leave your pet’s veterinarian’s info for emergencies.

Another way to help keep your pets cool and comfortable is with an outdoor hose and sprinkler.  So if you don’t already have front and backyard hose bibs, contact Your 1 Plumber today for prompt and expert installation.  Your little furry friends mean a lot to us, too!

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